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It is said that…”Every Journey Begins With a Single Step.” Well, today I began that journey into the wild world of Merchandise. I have decided to add a merchandise component to my “Visit the Zoo” series of Kindle books, print books, audiobooks, DVD, and podcast. All of that will be accessed right here on my website The manufacturing and fulfillment will be handled by Zazzle, world leader is providing promotional merchandise to the huge world market for companies like Disney and Warner Brothers. Many large and well-known corporations use their services.

The source material will be the images, the jpegs that I use throughout “Visit the Zoo” here on my podcast as well as the hundreds of photographs I use in my books. I will, of course, not make the selection from my entire library which stretches into those hundreds. I will pick the best of the best and have them converted into watercolors able to be imprinted on apparel and all manner of merchandise goods.

I have just started and my store on Zazzle is not even in its final form. It will take a few days or weeks but I will get there. As a matter of fact I have only one image completed and ready for selection. More will follow shortly in the coming days and weeks as well.

Here’s hoping you will have the opportunity to check out my beginning steps and that you will consider seeing some of my best images imprinted on an apparel item that you can wear proudly. The direct link to my store is:


I want to thank you ahead of time for your feedback or purchases of this “Visit the Zoo” merchandise. I will keep you informed when more offerings are uploaded and ready for purchase.


Fred  Fichman

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