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Hello and Welcome. The purpose of the entire Visit the Zoo project is to teach and give tools to both young and old about the world and lives of our animal neighbors. Through eBooks, Print Books, Audiobooks, DVDs, and now a weekly Visit the Zoo Podcast, you will be fascinated and astounded how these animals live and survive.


Hosted By Fred Fichman

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Visit the Zoo Episode 072 – Special Edition

By Fred Fichman | Mar 20, 2019

In this Special Edition Episode 072 we take a look at all of the Kindle books, print books, audiobooks, Apparel & Gear, DVD, and crowdfunding opportunities for the “Visit the Zoo” universe. Here are the links mentioned in this podcast episode: “Visit the Zoo” Blog   Main “Visit the Zoo” website:    All…

Listen to the episode here

Visit the Zoo Episode 071 – Malayan Tiger and an Idea

By Fred Fichman | Mar 13, 2019

In this Episode Number 071 we take a look at the Malayan Tiger and an Idea. We hear about this week’s five Curated Content News Stories. In that content we list five News Stories from the Animal World and give you links to go directly to that content either here in this Podcast Description or…

Listen to the episode here

Visit the Zoo Episode 070 – Bonobo and Amazon Killer Tarantulas

By Fred Fichman | Mar 7, 2019

We take a look at the intelligent and human-like Great Ape Bonobo and newly discovered giant killer Tarantulas of the Amazon jungle. Our main podcast website is at and the main author website is at Check out all things “Visit the Zoo” including eBooks on, print books on, audiobooks on,…

Listen to the episode here

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12-Book 120 Animal series filled with hundreds of stunning animal photographs and complete descriptions. Your personal guide to the animal world. All 12 “Visit the Zoo” books in one complete volume. Available as an eBook or in print. 349 pages


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Scientists estimate there are 8.3 million species of animals that populate our Earth. So, we have a lot to cover at Visit the Zoo. Thank you for joining us in our journey. Be sure to check out all of our books, audiobooks, DVD, and free podcast. And if you want to support the podcast and all that we do at Visit the Zoo you can go to Thanks again.

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