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Visit the Zoo Episode 035 – What Killed the Dinosaurs

In this episode we look at “What Killed the Dinosaurs.” We also introduce again our Visit the Zoo 12-Book 120 Animal Anthology book on We also talk about our newly updated and published Visit the Zoo website at Introduction will be given for the new merchandise store of “Visit the Zoo” graphic design apparel and many other items at

We hear our three weekly mystery animal sounds and learn a bit about those mystery animals. We listen to Chapter Two from the novel  “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” written by podcast host and author Frederick Fichman. Our main website is at and the main author website is at

Please help support all things “Visit the Zoo” including eBooks on, print books on, audiobooks on, and DVDs on Amazon-CreateSpace-Allied Vaughn-Midwest Tape, and this Podcast by becoming a patron at Help us to continue these podcasts and grow the “Visit the Zoo Podcast.

About the author, Fred Fichman

Frederick Fichman is the author of over 120 fiction and non-fiction books. His 120-animal 12-Book Series, "Visit the Zoo," was the launching pad for the "Visit the Zoo Podcast." The main podcast website can be found at His author website is at His merchandise site for "Visit the Zoo" is at HisPatreon site is at

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