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Visit the Zoo Episode 072 – Special Edition

In this Special Edition Episode 072 we take a look at all of the Kindle books, print books, audiobooks, Apparel & Gear, DVD, and crowdfunding opportunities for the “Visit the Zoo” universe. Here are the links mentioned in this podcast episode:

“Visit the Zoo” Blog


Main “Visit the Zoo” website: 


All books, Kindle and print, audiobooks, DVD on Amazon:


Audiobooks – 3 VTZ books and “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” on Audible:


Link for all four stores apparel and gear, Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, SpreadShirt, & Redbubble:


About the author, Fred Fichman

Frederick Fichman is the author of over 120 fiction and non-fiction books. His 120-animal 12-Book Series, "Visit the Zoo," was the launching pad for the "Visit the Zoo Podcast." The main podcast website can be found at His author website is at His merchandise site for "Visit the Zoo" is at HisPatreon site is at

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